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Cubs Report: World Champs Edition

The defending world champion Chicago Cubs.  Is that a real thing?  Did I hallucinate all of that stuff in October and November?  Even if I did, don’t tell me.  So anyway… The defending world champion Chicago Cubs mount their first World Series defense in 108 years on Sunday night, down in Dogpatch against the Cardinals.  It’s the greatest possible place to start the season, with all those inbred crackers having to sit there and take in the sight of the Cubs playing their first real game since they won it all on November 2, 2016.  They’ll have to watch...

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Does anybody really miss Sammy?

Sammy Sosa’s back in the news. Have you missed him? Probably not. Former Cubs Manager of Media Relations and the man behind the Cubs half-assed, first-ever attempt at a baseball analytics department, Chuck Wasserstrom has posted an interview with Sammy on his blog.  It’s full of the familiar laments and slights that Sosa has clung to since he was traded by the Cubs to the Orioles in 2005.Sammy says he never failed a PED test. Sammy says he asked Dusty Baker’s permission (through an assistant trainer) to leave the 2004 season finale early. Sammy can’t understand why the Cubs haven’t had...

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The Cardinals punishment is bullshit

For nearly three years a St. Louis Cardinals executive continually hacked into the scouting database of another Major League Baseball team, using their research, stealing their medical reports, and constantly checking and re-checking the notes they were keeping on trade discussions with other teams.   To believe what the Cardinals have insisted since they got caught two years ago, their scouting director, Chris Correa, acted alone, and never told anybody else in the organization what he was up to.  Cardinals apologists have insisted that Correa was just insecure about his ability to do his job, so he was looking...

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The podcast you never thought would happen

When was the last time your favorite team won the World Series?  Ours won it last week!  We’re going to re-live the whole thing one more time (who are we kidding, it won’t be the last).  Join us live at 10 am Central on Saturday, November 12 as we talk about the World Champion Chicago...

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The Immortals

Of course, they made us wait. A four run lead in the fifth wasn’t enough.  A three run lead in the eighth wasn’t enough.  The Cubs couldn’t, wouldn’t and maybe, they shouldn’t have, made it easy on themselves or on us.  It took almost five hours.  We sat through a rain delay.  And it took ten innings. But the joke, for once, was on the rest of the world.  If there’s one thing Cubs fans are world-class experts on, it’s waiting. We had been waiting for eleven decades.  We’d waited on prospects that never turned out.  We waited on...

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