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Podcast Live? – NLCS Preview – 9:30 am CST – Saturday, Oct. 15

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology you can watch the dopes from Desipio and Hire Jim Essian record their Cubs NLCS preview podcast live.  They’re going to do it at 9:30 Saturday morning.  It’s basically “Breakfast at Wimble-dumb.” And once it’s over it’ll be archived here for eternity, or you can go to iTunes and subscribe to it. If you’re watching it live you can Tweet them at @desipiodotcom or...

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Once more into the breach

I think it was King Henry V or maybe it was Henry Aaron, but whichever Henry said, “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more” probably wasn’t thinking about the Cubs returning to the NLCS just 12 months after they made a complete mess of it.  In the frustrating travesty that was last year’s series with the Mets, the Cubs managed to fall behind in the first inning of every game and never had a lead as they were ignominiously swept in four games.  Paired with the three humiliating losses that ended the 2003 NLCS loss to the Marlins, the...

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Did that really happen?

It was one of those things that happens to other teams.  Their fans get to see their favorite team rally from what feels like an impossible situation when it means the most.  It doesn’t happen often, in fact, it hardly ever happens, but when it does, you always wonder what that must have been like—what it must have felt like. Now, we know.  Because last night, the Cubs were lying on the mat (fitting for a perennial doormat) with every reason in the world to stay there.  Another game, one in their own ballpark was waiting for them, even...

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The end starts tonight

Cubs in three. There, I said it.  A sweep.  Two at Wrigley this weekend, then wrap it up with a beatdown of the humorless, wannabe cowboy, fun police captain on Monday night.  Crazy, you say?  These the are Giants!  They’ve won three of the last five World Series!  They know how to do this! Maybe I’m just a sucker for picking the better team, the one with most of of the best players in the series.  I’ll roll with the team that won 103 games, that won 57 home games and finished 16 games ahead of the other. I...

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The podcast returns for the playoffs

It’s been about 350 days since their last one but the dopes from Desipio and Hire Jim Essian sat down for 90 minutes of pure podcast goodness.  Or ramblings.  Or something. If you don’t want to look at them you can subscribe to it on...

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