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Call the kids, wake the neighbors, the Cubs are going to the World Series

I have said, out loud, to no one in particular, that I absolutely want to see the Cubs win a World Series (or two, or seven) but that I’d only really be pissed if I died and never saw these fuckers win a pennant.  And tonight, we all saw that, and it wasn’t as good as we thought it’d be…it was better. From the first day of spring training until now, the Cubs have been the best team in baseball, and tonight, they not only won the National League for the first time since 19451 but they did it...

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Same place, different time

My wife knows nothing about baseball 1 and so this morning she asked me, “How many more games do they need to win to go to the World Series?”  When I told her that they just need to win one more, either Saturday or Sunday she said, “Oh, good.  That will be fun.” And I just stood there and stared.  I was going to explain to her that this is the third time in our lives that they’ve been this close to the World Series.  Just one more win.  One of three in San Diego.  One of three against...

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Mailbag: Why Eric Cooper is the worst

It’s been a while since I opened the old mailbag, but as promised on Twitter the other night, Intrepid Reader @andyrut sent in his surreal interaction with umpire Eric Cooper.  Cooper called balls and strikes in game two and showed off his patented  wide, and ever changing, strike zone. In NLCS Game 2 you might say umpire Eric Cooper’s strike zone was inconsistent.  But it probably wasn’t any more inconsistent than it was twelve seasons ago in the regular season when Kerry Wood threw a perfect curveball to Adam Dunn that Cooper called a ball for a base on balls. ...

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Podcast Live? – NLCS Preview – 9:30 am CST – Saturday, Oct. 15

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology you can watch the dopes from Desipio and Hire Jim Essian record their Cubs NLCS preview podcast live.  They’re going to do it at 9:30 Saturday morning.  It’s basically “Breakfast at Wimble-dumb.” And once it’s over it’ll be archived here for eternity, or you can go to iTunes and subscribe to it. If you’re watching it live you can Tweet them at @desipiodotcom or...

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Once more into the breach

I think it was King Henry V or maybe it was Henry Aaron, but whichever Henry said, “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more” probably wasn’t thinking about the Cubs returning to the NLCS just 12 months after they made a complete mess of it.  In the frustrating travesty that was last year’s series with the Mets, the Cubs managed to fall behind in the first inning of every game and never had a lead as they were ignominiously swept in four games.  Paired with the three humiliating losses that ended the 2003 NLCS loss to the Marlins, the...

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