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This is just the greatest damned thing ever

I’ve been accused of beating a joke into the ground (Hank White Fan Club, Luis Valbuena: superstar, Al Yellon is awful) oh, wait, not that last one.  But when I predicted and continued to predict1 that Kyle Schwarber’s season wasn’t really over when he tore his ACL and LCL in the third game of the season in Arizona, I wasn’t joking.  I really thought he’d be back. Sure, part of it was because the baseball season is so long that Kyle could perform a full 24 week rehab and there would still be games to play.  But a big...

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Podcast: World Series (no, really) preview

Since that little event called the World Series starts Tuesday night, if we were going to cram in a podcast we figured we’d better do it quick.  Last week when we signed off we knew the only way we’d back this week is if the Cubs won the pennant.  Well, what do you know?  That’s just what they...

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Call the kids, wake the neighbors, the Cubs are going to the World Series

I have said, out loud, to no one in particular, that I absolutely want to see the Cubs win a World Series (or two, or seven) but that I’d only really be pissed if I died and never saw these fuckers win a pennant.  And tonight, we all saw that, and it wasn’t as good as we thought it’d be…it was better. From the first day of spring training until now, the Cubs have been the best team in baseball, and tonight, they not only won the National League for the first time since 19451 but they did it...

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Same place, different time

My wife knows nothing about baseball 1 and so this morning she asked me, “How many more games do they need to win to go to the World Series?”  When I told her that they just need to win one more, either Saturday or Sunday she said, “Oh, good.  That will be fun.” And I just stood there and stared.  I was going to explain to her that this is the third time in our lives that they’ve been this close to the World Series.  Just one more win.  One of three in San Diego.  One of three against...

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