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The meaning of the finish line

Maybe we’ll never know why the cowards who set those bombs off at the Boston Marathon this afternoon did it.  Maybe we’ll never know why they picked the finish line of all places to do it. The finish line, of all...

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All Star Game GameCast

Join us at 7 pm Central over at Fisted Foul for an All-Star Game GameCast. What’s that?  It’s a bunch of guys making fun of the All-Star Game, mocking Joe Buck, pointing out all of the dumb things that Tim McCarver...

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Let’s dump some of these losers

I have one of those lame Cubs fact a day calendars on my desk and every morning, I tear off another day, I read the fact or the trivia question and then I unsuccessfully try to slit my wrists with the little piece of paper...

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Why they suck

The Cubs, as all of us know, are really bad this year.  They’re basically an unwatchable mess, every day.  Part of the reason I can’t write as often about them as any of us would like is that I can’t stomach...

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Scientists find Cubs offense

A pessimist would look at the 2010 Cubs and point out that any team that can only beat Pissburgh once every seven games should probably consider disbanding.  An optimist would look at the same team and shoot himself in the...

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That damned complicated scoreboard!

The good thing about having Intrepid Readers like Cory (who e-mailed me about this) is that I don’t even have to put myself through the torture of reading a Bill Simmons mailbag to find out what’s in it. As we know...

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A farewell to Lost

After two days of reading excellent takes on the finale of Lost: The Watcher: Maureen Ryan Tuned In: James Poniewozik’s Alan Sepinwall …we bring you this....

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Cubs report: The quest for mediocrity

Two years ago (two short, short, years ago) when the Cubs were the best team in the National League (regular season only, we found out) who would have thought that by 2010 the team would be afraid of the heights that come with a...

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