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Podcast: Gravy on it

The fourth edition of the runaway, Internet smash hit podcast, The Other 15% unearths a doozy of a Dusty Baker e-book, a great oral history of Cheers, and a reminder that Warren and Kerm are terrible at predictions, but I’m awesome.  The cheap shots at Al and Rozner aren’t bad either. Or something like that. Listen here, or better yet, put your big boy pants on and subscribe through iTunes. Link Dump • Dusty Baker’s Hitting Handbook • Cheers oral history (GQ) • Subscribe to our crappy podcast on iTunes...

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Matt Holliday — still dirty

Apparently the Cardinals and Giants played game two of the NLCS last night.  I wouldn’t know because Cardinals games are not broadcast where I live. Even when I move. But in that alleged game, Matt Holliday allegedly took out Marco Scutaro on a throw at second base.  Some people are even saying that this was a dirty play: Why would they say such a thing?  Because it was.  Holliday slid late and tried to tackle Scutaro on the left field side of the bag.  Perhaps it was just a little horseplay among former A’s teammates, or maybe Holliday’s just a dirty player. Right, Starlin Castro? You might remember that after Holliday’s dirty take out of  Castro, Marlon Byrd defended his teammates attacker.  Another reason to not mind that Byrd’s career ended with a failed PED test....

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The Reds put their World Series dreams on hold for two more years

It’s so cute how the Cincinnati Reds think they’re close to winning a pennant.  Sure, they’ve won the NL Central in two of the last three years, and yes, they have a great player at first base in Joey Votto and a couple of really good starting pitchers, plus a crazy Cuban closer who throws like 1,200 miles an hour.  But today they announced they’re keeping Johnnie B. Dusty Baker as their manager for two more years. All that means is they’re going to have two more years for Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos to get hurt, two more years for Votto and Brandon Phillips to get older, and two more years of Zack Cozart and his sub .300 on base average hitting first or second in the lineup. You get a lot of good things when you have Dusty as your manager.  You get a shitload of made up Hank Aaron stories.  You get pregame dim sum and Miles Davis on the clubhouse stereo, and the fans behind the home dugout get real-live, game worn, manager wrist bands tossed into the stands after wins. You also get a lot of bad.  You get terrible in-game strategy.  You get drooled on toothpicks scattered all over…everywhere.  You also get a lot of non-sensical pre and post-game comments, paranoia, and improperly filed federal taxes.  For all of his success, Dusty has...

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Podcast: Playoff preview and Adam Greenbergapalooza

The Podcast is now on its (supposedly) regular schedule of every other week, and so we preview the playoffs, I tell a story about Phil Regan’s ball sack, Kermit details his Twitter Adam Greenberg friend stalker and war2d2 wonders aloud how he ever got mixed up with a pair of dummies like us.  It’s all good. You can listen right here. Or, even better, subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes by searching for The Other 15%....

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