Month: March 2017

Let’s go to the video tape

I’ve seen a lot of supercuts of game seven of the World Series.  They’re all good, but the one Start Kyle Orton posted on his Facebook feed today is the best I’ve seen.  Enjoy. And, the Cubs really stepped it up with this year’s Bryzzo’s “commercial.”  That’s some quality stuff. Your browser does not support iframes. Enjoy it.  Real baseball is just around the...

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Cubs Report: World Champs Edition

The defending world champion Chicago Cubs.  Is that a real thing?  Did I hallucinate all of that stuff in October and November?  Even if I did, don’t tell me.  So anyway… The defending world champion Chicago Cubs mount their first World Series defense in 108 years on Sunday night, down in Dogpatch against the Cardinals.  It’s the greatest possible place to start the season, with all those inbred crackers having to sit there and take in the sight of the Cubs playing their first real game since they won it all on November 2, 2016.  They’ll have to watch...

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