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Two decades of morans

And they said it wouldn’t last. Actually, nobody said that because nobody knew it was around.  On July 24, 1997 a little website popped up in an obscure corner of a still obscure thing called the Internet.  The site wasn’t yet called Desipio, it was still called by its original, and really clever name: Balls! I couldn’t get the URL because somebody already owned it and tried to sell it to me for a sum that was laughable and out of reach for me at the time.  Though to be fair, anything over $40 back then was more than...

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Parades over prospects

There are many great traditions that Cubs fans have.  Flying the W flag after wins.  Throwing opponents’ home runs back onto the field.  Checking out each other’s dongs at the troughs.1 And overvaluing prospects they’ve never seen play. Granted, the last one has been reinforced by the steady stream of really good young players who have arrived on the North Side over the past few seasons.  So, it hurt when the Cubs traded shortstop Gleyber Torres to the Yankees last year for three months of Aroldis Chapman.  But it hurt a lot less when Aroldis was a crucial part...

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