Month: October 2017

Sometimes it just takes balls

Sometime just after the four hour and 40 minute marathon panic attack that the Cubs put us through, as the TV showed them in their now iconic pose where they pile up for their playoff round victory photo on the pitcher’s mound, one thought popped into the fog of my mind.  Sometimes, it just takes balls. The Cubs and Washington Nationals played five games where the margin of victory and defeat was thinner than a Dusty Baker toothpick.  The Cubs could have lost all five games.  They were outscored in the series.  But they got on a plane (that...

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Doubt them at your own peril

I get it.  I understand why you may be skeptical about the Cubs as they head back to the playoffs for the third straight year.  The bullpen was better in the first half than the second.  The starting pitching is quality, but in a bit of injury-induced disarray.  The Nationals are really talented.  The Cubs have shown us over and over again this season that there will be times when they just can’t hit anybody good.  I get it. I also don’t give a shit. There was a time not so long ago that had lasted a very long...

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Podcast: 2017 NLDS Preview

The only negative thing about the Cubs making the playoffs is that when they do, these idiots host a podcast.  This time, our heroes were joined by a third host and a very special guest. And, you’ll be shocked who they picked to...

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