We interrupt this broadcast for some urgent breaking news!  Cannonball!Remember the good old days when I used to update this site all the time and actually had something to say?  Yeah, those were great.  They’re also over.

Oh, I kid because I don’t care.  Truth is, I made a promise that when the Cubs headed back to camp, I’d start writing more often.  The outlook over the next few weeks is not promising.  March is looking a little hectic, frankly.  So instead of leaving you in the lurch, I, being the thoughtful, manly man that I am have decided to do something about it.  That’s right. 

Like David Letterman after open heart surgery, or Johnny Carson on any given Monday, the show must go on.  This time, with replacement hosts!

Not just any celebrity hosts, mind you.  How about the manager of your Chicago Cubs, Lou Piniella?  Would you like that?  Of course you would, you simpleminded dope.  You’d lap it up.  Done.

How about the brains (take that as you will) behind Fire Lou Piniella?  The good one with the really long URL, not the bad one with the stupid dot net one?

Done and done.

How is Desipio supposed to be the only site you’ll ever need if it’s updated once a week?  So we’re fixing that.  For the rest of March, Bad Kermit and Lou Piniella have agreed to join the Desipio News Team.  Lou is probably Champ Kind, which leaves either Brian Fantana or Brick Tamland for Kermit.  Uh…yeah…we hate to break it to him.

I’ll still be around from time to time, and of course, Karry Ling (who fancies himself as an older, less continent version of David Brenner) is still around, too.  But this seemed like a good way to keep Desipio fresh, and to give Kermit and Lou a shot to plug their own Cubs site along the way.

Besides, when I come back for good in April, I’ll need the distraction.  Trust me.