As Andy so fondly calls him, Seabiscuit’s jockey has an interesting revealing well-written informative humorous article in this morning’s Tribune about how Wade Miller is the current front runner for the 5th starter’s job.

If you squint real hard and add 10 m.p.h. to my fastball, I'm Kerry Wood!

While part of me still wants Mark Prior to be “the woman” in Chicago, the other part of me knows that Miller strung together a pretty good three-year stretch in Houston when he was healthy enough to make at least 25 starts. He won 45 games in that three-year stretch and was part of a formidable 1-2 punch with the tractor-driving redneck Billy Roy Oswalt.

Combine that with the fact that Prior was rumored to have been hitting only 83 on the radar guns in his first start, and maybe Miller is the guy we should be hoping has a solid comeback season. Because throwing 85 miles per hour is better than throwing 83 miles per hour, right?

Miller makes the start today against San Diego. And if tracking Miller’s progress doesn’t make today’s game against the Padres intriguing enough, Miller will start opposite new Padre, former Cub, and chronic leg-pisser Greg Maddux.