People like us more when we're in here than out there.

Pitching matchup:

White Sox: John Danks 4-4, 2.90 ERA
Cubs: The Bull Moose 7-5, 4.76 ERA


White Sox

Orlando “What’s the extension for the Official Scorer” Cabrera, ss
AJ Eyechart, c
Carlos Quentin, lf
Jermaine Dye, rf
Swishy, 1b
Joe Crede, 3b
The Raft Refugee, 2b
Brian Anderson, cf
John Danks, p

Fukkake!, cf
Dance Fever, ss
MVLee, 1b
E-ramis, 3b
Geo Soto, c
PonDeRosa, rf
Ginger, lf
RonCe, 2b
Theodore Roosevelt Lilly, p