You didn’t ask for it, but when has that ever stopped us?  Last night was our second run at the first ever joint venture Desipio-Hire Jim Essian podcast.  We did one on Monday, that shockingly went smoother than the one we re-did last night, except for the fact that Kermit’s headset didn’t like the software and he sounded as though he was underwater.  We should have just pretended it was a podcast about scuba diving and published that one.

But, we gave it another shot last night, and the result is a podcast where you can hear both of us.  Kermit sounds clear as a bell.  Me?  I sound like Charles Nelson Reilly’s slightly butcher sister.  I’m blaming that on the Interwebs.

Follow the link and you can listen to the podcast and you can even subscribe to it on iTunes if you want.  I did, and this morning when I opened iTunes I had two Podcast downloads start automatically.  One was this one, and the other was a new Bill Simmons one.  The little guys who live in my iPod must wonder why I feel the need to download not one, but two sports-related podcasts hosted by smartass, lisping, douchebags.  Hey, at least Simmons gets paid for his.

So what did we talk about?  Oh, we covered the Cubs like nobody’s business.  Provided you are interested in Gary Majewski, the Duncan family, Mitch Williams, Whitey Herzog and a shirtless Charlie Weis.

Focus, is not our strong suit.

In the coming weeks we’re going to try to drag some of our friends into this.  And, the software we use to make the podcasts allows people to follow along live as we do it and ask questions.  My god, why would you want to ask us anything?

And, since we’re famous (completely not) Interwebs stars, it’s time to call in some favors and see if we can convince our Cubs’ media friends if they’ll stop by and chat with us for a while.

Anyway, take a listen.  Get ready to cringe and pretend to enjoy it.  It don’t cost nuthin’.