Our good friend Al Yellon is the proud editor of a fine Cubs preview publication titled…well, actually that’s kind of what we’re confused about.

Check out the cover over here.  Either Derrek Lee’s head is covering up a pretty important pair of letters, or this is the kind of magazine that just reinforces a very misguided stereotype about Wrigleyville’s resident Cubs fans.

And, as our buddy Jon Greenberg has pointed out, the fun on the cover doesn’t end there.

The subhead “The Ricketts Take Over” sounds like something that doomed a tallship trying to cross the Atlantic in the 1700s.

And as an Irish-American myself, I surely take offense to “Behind the Mic with Pat Hughes.”

And that’s not the end of the fun.  No siree.

According to the page where you can order the magazine there’s an article inside by our old pal George Castle titled “You Just Have to Push It.”  Sounds like a cover story, to me.

All of this almost makes me want to buy one.