Nobody, it would seem, is better equipped to spar with the media after games than The Genius in St. Louis.  Tony LaRussa is a bona fide lawyer.  The man studied how to argue.  And so, you’d expect that he’d enjoy the give and take that you get in a postgame press conference.

When you factor in that the St. Louis media are such lapdogs that Tony, the noted animal lover that he is, has seen to it that each of them be spayed or neutered, what problem could there be?

After the Cardinals dropped their second straight home series of the season (they’ve gone 2-4 so far against the mighty Padres and Pissburgh) Tony was in no mood to talk about the dismal offense of his club (they have yet to score more than three runs in a game).

Check out how after the first question he hopes it’s the only one he’s going to get and tries to leave.

The video doesn’t get really good until around 3:50, when he starts to lose his shit about the lack of offense, and tries to remember who plays second base and shortstop for him.


(hat-tip to longtime Intrepid Reader Doug S.)