The media loves to go on and on about how Cardinals fans are the best in baseball.  The media says lots of stupid shit.

This week, Cardinals fans had a chance to show just how the best fans in baseball would react to a great player doing the a favor and not clogging up their payroll for a decade after he’s already started to slide down the backside of his career arc.  Albert Pujols, long the best player in the game, and still one of the best, signed a ten-year $254 million deal to leave St. Louis for Anaheim.  So how did Cardinals fans thank Pujols for 11 years, a rookie of the year award, three MVPs and three pennants?

Like this:

(Note the mumbled homophobia once the awful off-brand jersey and couch catch fire)

And this:

(I had no ideas trailers had fireplaces in them!)

And this:

(Father of the year…2011)

And that kind of nonsense goes on and on and on.  As though it should be a surprise that a fan base made up of hillbillies wouldn’t take well to the idea that a Dominican should tell them to piss off, and leave.

But nobody can sum up the brilliance behind Albert’s decision to leave with quite the eloquence of this guy:

Well said, potty mouth!