Friday night I posted a really well-done video tribute to the 1989 Cubs put together by longtime (well, before he died) WGN-TV producer Arne Harris.  It used the song “Keeping the Dream Alive” by your favorite German pop band Munchener Freiheit and had a lot of archival black and white footage of non-lousy Cubs players, then the great moment in 1984 when Rick Sutcliffe struck out Joe Orsulak and Jim Frey inexplicably put his cap in his shirt on his way to the field, and then a lot of non Ryne Sandberg highlights of the 1989 Cubs.  It was fun to look back at that season and remember how shocking it all was, and just how much fun.

Did you know that the night the Cubs swept Pissburgh in that doubleheader to win the 2003 playoffs, Fox Sports Net Chicago (remember them?) did a montage set to the same music?  It would have been better without the insertion of Chip Caray’s calls, but it’s still kind of cool:

Why was Gail Fisher yelling?  Corey must have run by and goosed her.

What is not cool though is this:

How about a video montage of the 2004 Cubs?  Try to get through it if you dare.  Two things you’ll notice:

1) Check out how many clips are of Dusty or players just losing their shit at umpires.  God, what an awful bunch that team was.  Nothing was ever their fault.  There’s Dusty throwing his lineup card after he fucked up a double switch.  There’s Michael Barrett…just being a dumbass.  You get the idea.

2) The only redeeming part of this video is the beginning.  It’s Chip breaking the news that he would not be back as the TV voice of the Cubs.  After seven years of calm, entertaining, competence from Len Kasper, you almost forget just what a horrific listen Cubs games used to be.

My dad was at the Astros game when Barrett decided to get in Roy Oswalt’s face…again, because he got hit by Roy on purpose a few weeks before.  I remember dad saying to me, “This is team is mentally defective.”

And when Todd Hollandsworth sounds confused (all the time) on Comcast Sports Net postgames, remember that he still has a concussion from that catch in Anaheim.