I know that High Heat and MVP Baseball 2005 get a lot of love as the greatest video baseball games ever, and I loved them both, and RBI Baseball, of course.  But the gold standard has to be The Show now.

I’m a mostly grown man and my wife will occasionally hear me swearing at the TV, wander in to check on me and see that I’m mad because the Road to the Show version of myself just popped up in a tie game with runners on base.  She turns away, cries a little and her fear that she’s wasted her life on me is reinforced again.

Me?  I’m just pissed that five seasons into a big league career, I still have to spend five minutes doing another pitch recognition drill.

Regardless, the newest version of The Show comes out today.  Over the weekend they released this commercial, showing us…Cubs fans…celebrating a World Series championship.

It’s a great commercial.  So realistic that PK Wrigley just ordered the team trade one of the vendors seen kissing near the end of the spot to the Giants for Bobby Murcer and Steve Ontiveros.**

At least on this version of the game I can always find a way to trade Ryan Dempster and Alfonso Soriano.


** – Yes, that was a Bill Madlock joke.