How'm I doin?  Fuck you.  That's how I'm doin'.

Emasculating haircut?  Check.
Emasculating dog?  Check.
Comfy pants? Check.
Orange running shoes that Steve Prefontaine likely tested in 1973?  Check.
Pink bag filled with rolled up dog shit retrieval bags?  Check.
Bemused look?  Check.
Giving the old fuck you to the paparazzo?  Check.

Jay Cutler’s one of my favorite Chicago athletes of all time, and this picture does nothing to detract from that.   Little dogs are yippy and jumpy, and actually all kinds of awesome. I never had a small dog until I got married, and I take the damn things for walks all the time, because they’re awesome.  If I were famous and banging (and impregnating) pretty (but washed up) reality TV stars, I’d walk their tiny dogs, too, and I’m sure some TMZ douchebag with a hipstamatic would get a shot of me and the dog, and you know what?  I’d flip him off, too.

Good for you, Jay Cutler.  Keep on walking, my brother, little dogs are people, too.

Well they’re not people, but you know what I mean.

In the meantime, also enjoy throwing passes to adult sized receivers.