Apparently the Cardinals and Giants played game two of the NLCS last night.  I wouldn’t know because Cardinals games are not broadcast where I live.

Even when I move.

But in that alleged game, Matt Holliday allegedly took out Marco Scutaro on a throw at second base.  Some people are even saying that this was a dirty play:

Why would they say such a thing?  Because it was.  Holliday slid late and tried to tackle Scutaro on the left field side of the bag.  Perhaps it was just a little horseplay among former A’s teammates, or maybe Holliday’s just a dirty player.

Right, Starlin Castro?

You might remember that after Holliday’s dirty take out of  Castro, Marlon Byrd defended his teammates attacker.  Another reason to not mind that Byrd’s career ended with a failed PED test.