In this week’s epsiode, the gang spares no expense and sends Kerm to the desert to watch the Cubs fail to take a lead in any game he attends, and they inexplicably have him stand outside of his hotel room overlooking the parking lot.  Andy apparently forgets to turn his microphone on, and his awful hand gestures continue apace, and Warren actually turns a light on in his home.

All this, and we actually talk quite a bit of baseball, watch Airwolf, muse that Dennis Rodman’s NBA and acting career were both CIA stunts, break down (for no known reason) the plot of Battleship, and Andy violates copyright laws and retransmits a basketball game without any kind of express written consent.

Bonus content: Since Andy’s MLB The Show 13 review was awful, here’s Conan playing the new Tomb Raider.

Download the audio only version (so you don’t have to look at us) when iTunes finally processes it.