unearthed this gem, it’s Harry Caray interviewing Bill Murray before the first attempted night game in Wrigley history, 25 years ago tonight.

Nobody did an interview like Harry.  He gave Bill a beer, asked about Bill’s mom, and yelled, “You must be Scrooged!” at Bill when Bill promoted his new movie.

This is priceless.  As you remember the game was rained out, so the first official night game was the next night 8-9-88.  Doesn’t have the same ring.


UPDATE: It just got better.  Over at Tony Pierce’s Busblog, he’s got the first 10 minutes of the broadcast starting with Bill and Harry and going through past the first pitch.  It even has a Murph’s 76 commercial!  Dan Roan is wearing a tux in the bleachers and he has hair.  Of course his “wireless” mic works for shit.

Oh, and remember that today Rick Sutcliffe said this game was the highlight of his career.  Phil Bradley obviously thinks so.