So, for the last couple of weeks, many of you have wondered just what happened to my tremendously informative and entertaining Twitter account?  Many of you follow me at and your days are empty and meaningless without a dozen or so non-sensical tweets from me to get you through your horrible days.

That account has been suspended by Twitter, because I impersonated the Cubs Twitter account on Friday, November 15.  Who complained about it?  Well, the Cubs naturally.

Here are the tweets from last to first.  It’s important to note that I changed my Twitter avatar to the Cubs “C” and my name (though not the Twitter handle) to Cubs Official.  While it was just as much a parody as most other things on Twitter, the Cubs complained to Twitter about it, and got my account suspended.  Two weeks later, even though I’ve changed my photo and Twitter name back, it’s still suspended:





So how long will @desipiodotcom stay suspended?  Best guess is a couple more weeks, though I suppose there’s no guarantee that it will ever get unsuspended.  There is some precedent for a month’s long timeout.  The message I got was that I needed to remove any trace of the impersonation from the account before it would be reinstated.  I did that, and so all I can do is wait, and hang out at Desipio’s other Twitter account, the musty, dingy, lonely old

If you could do me a favor, Tweet out the new Twitter handle of @_desipio, so that the other 1,600 fans who have no idea where I went can find me.  Can you imagine how hollow their days must have been these last 18 days?  I shudder to think.  And this time I didn’t even get to post any naked photos of Steve Stone.