100 Years of Wrigley MovieOne of the perks of being a big time journalist like myself is that you get exclusive access to things that mere mortals don’t.  I’m used to it, so I was unimpressed when the Cubs asked me to be one of the first to review their new movie “100 Years of Wrigley Field.”  They even gave me the option to sub-title the movie, but passed on my suggestion of “Six winning seasons.”

I will say that I was surprised at how much I liked the movie.  It really was a great blend of heart-tugging moments, riotous humor and crushing disappointments.  It wasn’t just a rehash of existing clips thrown together to make a buck.  This isn’t just a movie, it’s a FILM.  Honestly, I doubt they give Oscars for straight to video sports movies, but if they did, this would win all of them.  It’s already the most prized film in my vast collection.

I know they probably won’t like this, but I’m not just going to post a clip, I’m going to post the whole movie here.

So kick back, grab some popcorn and be prepared to laugh until you pee your pants, and cry until you shit yourself.


I told you it was great.

And by the way, I confirmed with Ed Hartig, that the batter is Gary Matthews.  You can tell by the way he loses his hat running the bases.