The Boston Red Sox winning of the 2013 MLB World Series has not been sufficient to make them the hot favourites to do the same again next year – although at 11/1, they are not exactly rank outsiders either. Despite being just behind the LA Dodgers in the bookies reckoning, only a fool would rule out the chances of the Red Sox retaining their title next season. After all, pitching is crucial to the chances of any team going all the way, and here the Red Sox boast an abundance of talent. So should you put your bets on them for MLB 2014?

The retention of key pitchers Clay Bucholz, Jon Lester and Jake Peavy etc, will certainly do their chances no harm at all. The massive sums laid out by the Dodgers on rebuilding their squad for next season account for them being the hot favourites with bookmakers, and certainly no one will be ruling them out before the action starts – their spending demands success. However, provided the Red Sox are able to keep hold of the depth of talent they currently possess in pitching areas, it would be equally worth considering putting your bets on them. The key word in that last sentence is ‘if’ though, and waiting until after the draft to bet is the smartest move, as you can play an online casino slot at to fill that time.

There are even baseball-themed ones that you can choose, with Hot Shot being one of the best examples of these. This slot uses the five-reel format of most online slot machines, but the video and audio of typical MLB sights and sounds that go along with your game-play are unique to this particular game. They are definitely huge bonuses if you enjoy baseball, because hearing a bat thumping a baseball into touch while the crowd cheers really adds to the satisfaction of securing a winning reel and a payout. It is bonus features like this that have helped to make sporting slot machines a popular alternative to betting on sports the usual way.