If nothing else, the 2014 Cubs will be remembered for egregious use of bat flips.  I say “egregious” because I like to use words that look like they’re Latin for Gregory, but in fact I’d argue that these batflips are not unnecessary at all.  These Cubs need to celebrate small victories, because the big ones aren’t coming.  So, if Luis Valbuena wants to bat flip a hard hit ball at the first baseman, go for it.

Last night as the Cubs pounded the White Sox, we got not one, but two great examples of how you “accept” your base on balls.  Luis and Junior Lake demonstrate:

You will note that our crack graphics department spent hours on this, all to show you crap video taken off a TV with a phone.  The Desipio iTeam isn’t the best in the business for nothing, gang.

This one’s still the best: