Not only does WGN do an excellent job actually broadcasting Cubs games, but every year at this time they put out a video that gets us all fired up for the season.  In recent years, we had this sickly feeling that the video was going to be as good as it gets.  This year, the video’s still great, and we’re heartened by the fact that the team’s going to be pretty damned good.

OK, apparently this video is not made by WGN, which has caused me to rethink whether we actually do need them or not.  But anyway, the fan who made this did a great job.  Enjoy.

And, of course, it features a homer from our dear, departed Luis Valbuena.  That never hurts.

Oh, and he updated this, and felt the need to take the shot of Luis hitting a homer out and he replaced with with an Anthony Rizzo homer.