The never-ending series of spring training interviews continues today with Six Questions with Dexter Fowler.  You were thrilled and sickened by similar interviews with Jon Lester, Starlin Castro and Tom Ricketts, now let’s talk with one of the newest Cubs, a guy with impossible shoes to fill.1

So, you’re really not Luis Valbuena, are you?

What?  No.  I’m Dexter Fowler.

Are you sure you’re not Luis Valbuena?  I mean, you have his jersey on.

No.  I’m pretty sure I’m Dexter, and that this is my jersey.

Remember that time that Luis batflipped on the single up the middle against you guys?  That was pretty cool.

Valbuena bat flip

I’m not sure I was there.

So, you just play outfield?  You know, Luis can play three positions.  He can play third, second and short.

Well, I can play all three outfield positions.

Yeah, but they’re all pretty much the same thing, you just stand in a different spot.  But it’s nice to know you’re versatile enough to stand in three different spots.

Do you ever appeal your own check swings?

What?  I don’t think they let you do that.

Oh, they don’t?

Valbuena Check Swing

We’re done here.

Isn’t that only five questions?

Fine.  Ask yourself one.


Here are those annoying footnotes.

  1. And, as you know, this isn’t really Dexter.