Cubs in three.

There, I said it.  A sweep.  Two at Wrigley this weekend, then wrap it up with a beatdown of the humorless, wannabe cowboy, fun police captain on Monday night.  Crazy, you say?  These the are Giants!  They’ve won three of the last five World Series!  They know how to do this!

Maybe I’m just a sucker for picking the better team, the one with most of of the best players in the series.  I’ll roll with the team that won 103 games, that won 57 home games and finished 16 games ahead of the other.

I know that short series are supposed to be scary.  Especially when Madison Bumgarner looms in game three.  I know that the Cubs don’t exactly have a history of rising to the occasion in the postseason.

But I also don’t know what that has to do with this. 

How many times did we watch this team this season and just say, “wow,” because somebody did something that we’re just not used to seeing the Cubs do?  Well, get used to it, because they’re going to do the same shit in the playoffs.

The Giants have had an impressive run.  World Championships in 2010, 2012 and 2014.  But it has to end sometime. 

It ends in four days. 

It ends because Anthony Rizzo says it ends.

Because Kris Bryant says it ends.

Because Jon Lester was Madison Bumgarner before Madison Bumgarner was.  Because on Monday night in San Francisco Jake Arrieta goes toe to toe with Bumgarner…and because he can. 

I’m rolling with the team that plays the best defense in the Major Leagues.  The team that outscores opponents more and better than any other team in the Major Leagues.  The team that outpitches everyone else in the Major Leagues.

The best team doesn’t always win the World Series.

But sometimes they do. 

And when they do, it’s because they look, and hit, and run, and pitch, and catch, and throw like the 2016 Cubs. 

We always knew that when the Cubs finally win the damned thing, they’re going to have to do it with a team for the ages because of all of the extra crap that comes along with a century of being lousy.  We could never quite picture what that team for the ages would look like.

Well, now we know what it looks like.

We’ve watched it nearly every day since April. 

These Cubs are the unstoppable force AND the immovable object. 

It all starts tonight.  The Giants are the first team in the way. 

There will be two more. 

But when it ends, everything will be different.