Joe’s new motivational idea is a real work of art

So, Joe Maddon has decided to put "the art back in baseball" with some commissioned artwork of...

An oral history of the Yu Darvish press conference

There's really no better way to get the inside story on something than to do in-depth interviews...

The Brewers insecurity is reaching St. Louisian levels

So, it's come to this.  The Brewers, a franchise that is such an afterthought that they left the...

MLB players v. owners – Whose side we got?

It's been a while since we've been asked to choose a side between millionaire baseball players and...

Cubs finally replace Tony Campana

While we all sit around waiting for Yu Darvish to give the free agent stalemate a good Roto...

Desipio Mailbag – Twelve million dollar ham sandwiches and Taco Bell orders

You have questions, and I have half-assed answers.  The Desipio Mailbag makes a triumphant return...


Favorite Cubs player to wear #11.
(Percentages total 100%.  Don’t do the math.)

  • Mark Grudzielanek 2003-04 12%
  • Jock Jones (2006-07) 1%
  • Luis Salazar (1989-90) 44%
  • Ron Cey (1983-86) 27%
  • George Bell (1991) 28%
  • Yu Darvish (2018-) 34%
  • Jeff Kunkel (1992) 2%
  • Don Kessinger (1964-75) 7%

Sometimes it just takes balls

Sometime just after the four hour and 40 minute marathon panic attack that the Cubs put us through, as the TV showed them in their now iconic pose where they pile up for their playoff round victory photo on the pitcher's mound, one thought popped into the fog of my...

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Doubt them at your own peril

I get it.  I understand why you may be skeptical about the Cubs as they head back to the playoffs for the third straight year.  The bullpen was better in the first half than the second.  The starting pitching is quality, but in a bit of injury-induced disarray.  The...

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Podcast: 2017 NLDS Preview

The only negative thing about the Cubs making the playoffs is that when they do, these idiots host a podcast.  This time, our heroes were joined by a third host and a very special guest. And, you'll be shocked who they picked to...

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Baseball heaven will never be the same

Baseball gave the Best Fans in Baseball™ a swift kick in the gnads when they had the Cubs open the defense of their World Series title in Busch Stadium back in April.  The Cardinals responded by bringing out the giant horses to crap all over the field, and they rolled...

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The time the Cubs swept a doubleheader to win the NL Central

It's a funny thing about the 2003 season, because it ended so horribly, and was followed up by the even worse experience of 2004 we don't just not look back fondly on the season, we hardly look back on it at all.  But until games five, six and seven of the NLCS it was...

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Remember the time the Cubs banned me from Twitter?

Desipio is so old that when it started there wasn't any social media. It's not like Twitter made me more of a smartass, it just allowed me to inflict it on more people.  Such is the price of fame that it occasionally comes back to bite people.  Like when the Cubs...

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The joy of six

This has been a weird Cubs season.  Not the least of reasons is that it started with them raising a World Series champions flag and carrying a big gold trophy around the field.  But the team that roared through the regular season unchallenged last year couldn't get...

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The time we had an oral history on the Cubs hiring Theo

It seems perfectly sensible now that Theo Epstein left the Red Sox to take on the task of rebuilding the Cubs, but at the time it was a complete shock.  First, that Theo would want to come, and second, that the Ricketts didn't screw it all up.  Here's the Oral History...

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The time Lou Piniella sat in on a GameCast

Remember in 2007 when Lou Pinella lost his shit and kicked dirt all over a third base umpire?  He got suspended and the Cubs went on their first decent winning streak of the season. We did a running diary of game two of his suspension on June 4, 2007 against the...

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