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Are the Cubs better after the fire sale?

At and around the trade deadline the Cubs, wallowing in fifth place, traded away their best starting pitcher, their opening day shortstop, a second baseman, their All-Star first baseman and their manager retired because frankly,...

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Let’s dump some of these losers

I have one of those lame Cubs fact a day calendars on my desk and every morning, I tear off another day, I read the fact or the trivia question and then I unsuccessfully try to slit my wrists with the little piece of paper...

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Scientists find Cubs offense

A pessimist would look at the 2010 Cubs and point out that any team that can only beat Pissburgh once every seven games should probably consider disbanding.  An optimist would look at the same team and shoot himself in the...

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Best magazine cover…ever

Our good friend Al Yellon is the proud editor of a fine Cubs preview publication titled…well, actually that’s kind of what we’re confused about. Check out the cover over here.  Either Derrek Lee’s head...

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Cubs 2012? God help us all

Since I was a kid I’ve always looked forward to picking up The Sporting News baseball preview magazine.  There’s a lot wrong with it, of course, it’s written way too early in the offseason to catch all of the...

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Cubs Report: Wait, is this the roster?

In less than a month the Cubs will commune in the desert to prepare for the 2010 season. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but it apparently has been 102 years now since they last won the World Series. Who knew? Somebody...

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