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News: Oct 12 - Oral History: Cubs hire Theo
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1  General Category / The Dead Pool / Re: "Country singer and sausage icon" on: June 15, 2010, 12:27:42 AM
His sausage touched alot of people.
2  General Category / You know why critics like Elvis Costello? / Re: Fall shows in Chicago on: August 29, 2009, 03:19:55 PM
* Leonard Cohen, Oct 29, Rosemont Theater
* Monsters of Folk, Oct 30, Auditorium Theater

That Trail of Dead show may also find its way onto my list.

I kinda want to check out Monsters of Folk.  I saw Conor Oberst with the Mystic Valley Band at the Metro in July.

*Dinosaur Jr. Oct. 15 at Vic Theatre
3  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: The Unresolved Bullpen Angst Thread on: May 25, 2009, 09:30:18 PM
Neal Cotts = Mike Remlinger

I don't know, at least Remlinger could get someone out, even if it was only righties
4  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: Crazy Uncle Milton's Shot Blasting Sploogefest Emporium on: May 13, 2009, 08:57:19 PM
Is it permissable to splooge for a bunt single?
5  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: Kerry Wood Sploogefest Thread on: November 14, 2008, 06:44:04 PM
Kerry would have "done anything", including taking a one-year deal, in order to stay.

If that's the case, I really don't understand Hendry's line of thinking.  There better be some Peavage coming to make up for this debacle.
6  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: Desipio Rooftop game on: August 13, 2008, 10:20:47 PM
Solid pics, it's nice to put faces on some of you magnificent assholes.

Cue JI response having to do with other "magnificent assholes".
7  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: Desipio Rooftop game on: August 07, 2008, 10:36:45 PM
I'm declaring it right now, it is now my life's mission to earn my Desipio cred and get invited to Rooftop '09.
8  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: "Turd Throw" and other stories from the rancid NLC. on: July 18, 2008, 12:52:06 PM
Why are the Weeks and Fielder bratwurst-dicks not black?
9  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: Bonertastic Sploogemungous Mark DeRosa Thread on: July 01, 2008, 01:02:24 AM
That's the dumbest of dumb reason to want Canning.  Because he's local?  The trib is local.

Except it's not:

Dennis J. FitzSimons
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Tribune Company

A native of New York, born June 26, 1950

Donald C. Grenesko
Senior Vice President/Finance and Administration
Tribune Company

A Pittsburgh-area native, born October 31, 1948,

Crane H. Kenney
Senior Vice President/General Counsel and Secretary
Tribune Company

Born December 31, 1962, in Quincy, Mass.

None of these guys are local.

Jake the Neighborhood Guy knows local, I wonder if he has any cash laying around...
10  General Category / Desipio Lounge / Re: "Turd Throw" and other stories from the rancid NLC. on: June 25, 2008, 11:54:49 PM
Don't cuss at a black Alaskan when he's trying to eat

This may be my new personal motto.

And the "Ballpark Village" in STL looks pretty much the same as it did when I was July 07.

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